Reader’s Questions: My coffee is really weak! What can I do?

By | May 11, 2016

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Your coffee is really weak! What can I do?

by Sally from Bellingham


I have bought the same coffee for a long time, recently it has become very weak, I like my coffee strong. Even when I use twice as much it still doesn’t taste the same. Yes I still buy the original, but not for much longer. Thank you!

Dear Sally!

That is most distressing! We become attached to our way of drinking coffee, and that is part of our daily routine! When it begins to taste different or weird, it’s like getting up on the wrong side of the bed! The whole day feels out of whack! Let’s see if we can shed a little light on this murky problem!

Loyal to Big Brands? Hope not!

Since you don’t mention what kind of ‘original’ coffee you like, I can only surmise that it’s a blend like one of the popular brands: “MJB” or “Maxwell House” or “Folgers” … all of which are rather *ahem* cheap coffees, made from whatever beans can be bought, roasted according to the house profile, and served by the million cups.

I can’t drink “Folgers” despite buying it. It ended up in the garbage! My colleagues hated Maxwell House Ground Coffee… but they have never complained about any other coffee I bought from Costco. Weird. But with those brands of coffee, the actual name is more important than what’s in the bag or can! I suggest you stay far, far away from them.

Keep your Coffee Maker Clean

That’s not the only element of your problem, though. There is the issue of keeping your coffee maker clean. Poor maintenance of your coffee maker will only lead to decreasing cup quality, and a worse experience for you. The reason is simple: the oils that emerge from the coffee tend to build up in your coffee maker over time and impair the flavor of your cuppa. Coffee machines need to be thoroughly and regularly cleaned to remove that residue or the residue may become rancid.

Grind to the Right Size

Lastly, make sure that your coffee is ground to the right size for your particular method. You may have not changed your brand of coffee, but your method of preparation! Bigger grinds for coffee jugs, finer for drip or filter coffee. If you get them the wrong way round, your coffee dripper will make insipid coffee no matter how much you put in! And your coffee jug will give you sludge if the coffee is too fine!

Loss of Taste as we Age

The last is perhaps the only thing we can’t change, and it may explain why as we age, we tend to load up heavily on salt, sugar and spices. The number and quality of taste buds tends to decrease as we age, something we may not notice initially or we may blame our food for not tasting the same.

If you have tried changing your blend, cleaning your coffee maker, and grinding properly, but they don’t resolve your problem, it might be worthwhile paying a visit your doctor to see if there aren’t any other issues that may explain these changes.

I hope that this helps to answer your question. If you need any further suggestions, drop me a line!

Kenneth @

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