Precision Coffee Grinder: Better Grind, More Flavor by Handground — Kickstarter Project

By | January 21, 2016

If you’ve ever ground coffee by machine, you’ll know that get the right settings is tricky. If you’ve done it by hand, it’s mostly guesswork and the accuracy is ‘crude’ to say the least.

One KickStarter Project aims to make hand grinding the preferred option with their new HandGround Mill that achieves 20 levels of fineness from French Press to Espresso Grind: Enter the handground coffee grinder!

The project is still fund raising, but why not take a look? I’ve included their video for you to have a look at. (More Information)

It looks like it would be quite portable, so it would be a good partner to your Handpresso or Aeropress coffee makers. There’s no word that it will go on sale yet, except as a KickStarter project.

And yes, you’ll need to use one or both of the hands you’re using to read this! So you can’t swipe your phone and grind coffee at the same time! Pity!

I’ve got a simple gallery below.


And it seems as I update this post that the team developing this product are actually on schedule for a May distribution. Early models were promising, and after Chinese New Year 2016 is up, production should begin. Cool!