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Costco Coffee Discussion: Is Costco Coffee Any Good?

There is a fascinating discussion over at FrugalWoods over the benefits / price of Costco Coffee. It’s really worth a read, if you’re trying to economize (let’s face it! Not everyone – self, included – has the means to purchase fresh bags of Panama Geisha every week! Here’s my comment on their discussion entitled “Is Costco Coffee Any Good?… Read More »

Can’t Find My Kirkland Sumatra!

At PurelyCoffeeBeans, I’ve answered lots of questions over the years. You’ll find the questions and their answers scattered throughout the site! I’m always open to more questions, if you’re frustrated or curious, why don’t you drop me a line! This week we welcome … I can’t find my favorite Kirkland Sumatra anymore? What do I do? by Marlene from Texas… Read More »

The Japanese Art of Making Coffee with Ears: Personal Drip Filters with Starbucks

How to Make Coffee Using the Starbucks Personal Drip Coffee System A few months ago, I featured a cup of coffee made with this Personal Drip Coffee Filter from Starbucks Japan. Starbucks USA doesn’t feature the product on their website, but you never know. Compared to the Via system, the little sachets of instant coffee, they are more… Read More »