Open a Starbucks Franchise in Pakistan?

by Salman Niazi

I am a coffee lover, and have tried Starbucks in Dubai a million times.....

Being a Pakistan National, I want to know, can a franchise be opened here? I might be able to do it in the capital, Islamabad...


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May 19, 2014
opening franchise
by: shahzad ahmed

Please can you open the starbucks franchise in Pakistan at the new Centaurus, Islamabad!

I'll be your first customer!


Oct 30, 2012
First stores opened in India
by: Starbucks Watcher

Seems that the first Starbucks stores have now opened in India.

This story from CNN: Starbucks opens in India.

Here's the video, too:

I can't help thinking that Pakistan will follow shortly, but I have no idea who their local partners will be ... guesses, please!

Aug 30, 2012
Pakistan Franchise?
by: SuccessinCoffee

Dear Commenters,

I was reading online about Tata in India doing a deal with Starbucks to open coffee shops in 2012. Unfortunately, the model they are following isn't the franchise model, but rather a partnership.

It seems likely, since that's the model used in many countries, that franchising with Starbucks may be impossible on the store level. Partner companies tend to be large national or even multi-national companies in the consumer or beverage market.

So, I'm asking not to get your hopes up! However, there are many good coffee companies that do offer a franchise (even at the national master franchise level) model that you can look at. It's just not likely to be Starbucks. But guess what? Starbucks doesn't make the best coffee in the world by any means... Perhaps your coffee shop will!


Aug 29, 2012
by: Asif Sattar

Hello, I am from Faisalabad, Pakistan. My brother in law works in UAE. He has tried Starbucks and likes their coffee very much. We both want to open a franchise in Faisalabad. Is it possible? How can we get it? Is there someone who is already doing this business here in Pakistan?

May 15, 2012
Coffee Franchise in Karachi
by: noman

My name is Noman. I'm from Pakistan I need to open a franchise in Karachi, the main city of Pakistan. What do I have to do for that?

Oct 21, 2011
Coffee Brand Franchising
by: Euromachines

Dear Mr. Salman

If you are interested, we can help you in franchising a famous European coffee brand.


Mar 03, 2011
Asian Coffee Franchise: Starbucks or DIY chain?
by: PurelyCoffeeBeans

Dear Mr. Salman Niazi,

I appreciate your contacting me with this question. The best people to contact for your question would be Starbucks themselves because they may have plans for a Master Franchise for Pakistan.

I'm not so familiar with their modus operandi, but in Taiwan they partnered with a local convenience store company (7-11's parent company) before eventually owning all the franchises themselves.

That Pakistan is a nation of tea drinkers should not be a serious problem: Starbucks has done well in China and in Taiwan, both regions well known for serious levels of tea consumption.

If you are not successful with the Starbucks, there are dozens (if not hundreds) of other top quality coffee shops and coffee companies in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the US that may be willing to offer franchises in Pakistan.

The Asian coffee drinking markets are surprisingly small but, once opened up, can develop rapidly in both per capita consumption and in product sophistication. And Asia is home to some fine coffee growing traditions in: Indonesia, India, Vietnam, PNG, to name but a few...

The only practical thing I can suggest to get started: Find a good clientele in Islamabad, present it as a chic and trendy fashion. It would be better to focus on local coffee drinkers rather than tourist or foreign coffee drinkers, you want the drink to be seen as something people can aspire to and relate to.

Wishing you well on your coffee business.

Keep in touch.

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