Notice: LinkedIn – Emergency Notice

By | January 23, 2018

To all readers for whom it may concern.

Up until yesterday, I had a LinkedIn account connected to this website, as a way to promote my site. However, the security of my account was compromised 24 hours ago, and I have not been able to regain control of the account. I contacted LinkedIn immediately on receiving the news that my email address had been changed. My phone number was also changed.

Please be aware of any communications via LinkedIn, any communications or solicitations from an address claiming to represent my own personal interests,, or anything else. Reach out to me via the contact form here to confirm the communication you receive as authentic.

I’m not sure why LinkedIn operates such a loose security system that an email address and phone number can be changed WITHOUT any required confirmation email to the original address/number, it beggars belief that they can be this incompetent. But they are! 24 hours later I still have not received any confirmation that anything is wrong.

I hereby disavow, discredit and accept no responsibility for any communications that you may receive regarding me, this website or any interest of mine as a result of an interaction via LinkedIn or as a result of any information gained from this incident at LinkedIn.

If you have a LinkedIn account, please ensure that you have enabled two-factor authentication or close your account. There is no alternative method to protecting your account because their safeguards don’t work.