Miele Coffee Maker

There’s so much more to a Miele Coffee Maker than just looks! When I wanted to buy a coffee maker after moving to a new house, I got spoiled with choice.

So many coffee makers are available in market, which one do you choose? My first priority was functionality, but my partner was more inclined for looks. After scouting for days and disagreeing over almost every model available, we finally found the most perfect one that suits both needs is this coffee maker! Now, I have to admit that it blew me away by the look itself.

Each and every Miele product withstands 10,000 hours of endurance test before they pass it to be okay for use! It comes in two systems – Capsule and Whole Bean, depending on how you like your coffee.

Once you choose the kind of system you want, choose between two sizes available, 50 cms and 60 cms wide. The capsule system has up to 15 multiple languages! You can set up the system to your convenience, whether you have single/double espresso or just need to change the exterior light.

Sounds amazing? Here’s more. There’s User Profile Program on these coffee makers. You can program everyone’s individual favorite blend under their names and when they want their beverage, all they need to do is touch one button and voila! You can even program the system for your hour of need. If you are a morning person, set your time and you have your hot brewing cup of coffee ready every morning!

The whole bean system is no less. It brews perfect cappuccino, espresso, latte and regular coffee in matter of seconds, using whole coffee beans for the ultimate coffee lovers. This whole process is so easy and quick, all thanks to the unique signature of Miele products, the NavitronicsTM.

Through the center touch screen navigational control panel, the simple operative system makes sure you get your coffee just the way you want and as quick as possible. The dual dispensing feature lets you make two hot beverages side by side so it takes half the time.

You can even adjust the height of the dispensing spout, depending on the cup size. The company has introduced new frothing system, which is amazingly easy to use, so get ready for that perfect froth!

We went for the built in system which, with its stainless steel finish looks too elegant, contemporary and functional!

But if you don’t have a fixed water supply, the unit can be easily installed anywhere with a water reservoir, which looks equally appealing and gives you the same Miele experience. So, our search ended with the Miele Coffee Maker and life has never been easier and we wish you the same!

Written by Dimitris 

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