Last Sunday’s Baking Class: Scones

By | May 13, 2015



We held the third baking get-together in our community: scones! It’s getting warm now, too warm in June to do baking without A/C. That’s a pity!

But we made some delicious fruit scones for our coffee! There were only two problems: some bakers overworked their scone dough (Christine recommends ‘minimal’ kneading); and we never got to present our scones nicely!

The results were scoffed and whatever was left was taken home for friends or family! Our coffee of the event was a House Blend from my favorite local roaster! He doesn’t tell us his roasting formula. But it was great.

It’s hard to organize a baking group event: too many supplies to buy and our facilities are very limited! Have you ever taken part in a group bake-in? How did it go?