June has an extra leap second: Make the coffee world a better place!

By | June 30, 2015

The day of June 30th will have an extra leap second (Gizmodo has the story)! Hurrah! That means that you will have a whole extra 100/100ths of a second to yourself. Don’t worry. The extra time kicks in at 11:59:59PM and there will be 11:59:60PM before it becomes July 1st.

So here are ten things to do with that time, if you’re lucky enough NOT to be sleeping.

1. Enjoy an extra sip of coffee. Just make sure you’re holding the mug ready at 11:59:59PM otherwise you might spill in your hurry.

2. Take an extra moment to appreciate all the work that goes into your favorite daily cuppa.

3. Smile, and ask “Like a cuppa?” with a rising tone at the end to your colleagues. 1 second is too short to be too polite.

4. Hold the door for someone carrying a cup of coffee; give up your seat (try not standing too quickly); or just be extra polite to a stranger! That’d be nice!

5. Say thanks to your Barista (or any Barista) for making your coffee.

6. Drop a tip in the Tip Jar at your coffee shop (coins fall faster… but notes are welcome!)

7. Add an extra spoonful of coffee to the maker, and donate your extra cup of coffee to a stranger (after 12AM, of course).

8. Wave cheerily at a person sitting alone in a coffee shop (if they’re not busy).

9. Open this page and enjoy the image for 1 second. Or this page. You’ll have to load them in a background tab first.

10. Bookmark my July 1st Calendar page (hint: CTRL-D is pretty fast).

Use your second wisely: there won’t be another one for … well, my guess is 3 years! No word yet from above if that means our lives are one second longer but I suspect probably not!

Most of all, enjoy your day! And we’ll be back August 1st after our summer vacation!

Don’t forget the Iced Coffee! Guaranteed to keep you cool… just don’t add too much sugar!

Your Caffeine Fiend