Is Kirkland Signature brand coffee sprayed with pesticides?

by Sandy

Could you tell me if Costco coffee (the Kirkland Signature Columbian Supremo in the brown can) sprayed with pesticides?

It is my favorite brand above all brands and coffee shops. However, I am working towards eliminating as many products that are unhealthy as possible.

Thanks, S.

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Mar 06, 2014
Pesticides: Check out Certified Organic Coffee
by: PurelyCoffeeBeans

Dear S,

Thank you for your query about pesticides in your favorite coffee.

I'm afraid that the answer is likely to be yes. The coffee beans are probably sprayed with something at some point. Most of the Kirkland Signature series are not certified organic, except one.

I can only suggest you to find this product: KS Starbucks Ground Organic Blend Coffee Medium Roast. It does not seem to be available right now here. I can recommend some of the Magnum Exotics Organic Rainforest Blend Coffee Whole Bean which is sometimes sold in Costco, also.

Otherwise, you should look further afield than the Kirkland series of coffees if you cannot find that one. Buy something from Ethiopia or Sumatra or any other region, where coffee tends to be cultivated with traditional techniques ( so says Coffee Review ).

Other than those suggestions, you should just try to find certified organic products. I would assume that if something is not certified, then it is not organically produced.

It's a pity if you have to give up your favorite beverage without finding a suitable replacement, but you shouldn't let that divert you from your goal of getting rid of unhealthy products. Ultimately, you will benefit, as will the planet.

Best Wishes

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