Your Five Simple Steps to Great Coffee

By | October 9, 2014

…are right here!

Step 1: It’s the beans

Coffee Beans in Your Hand: A Sensual ExperienceWhat types of beans you need to use… and I’ll answer: What types of Coffee Beans are there? Where do they come from? What you should know about the best beans before you buy them!

Step 2: Roast ’em

A commercial coffee roasting machineHow to do your own roasting, what ways you can roast your own beans, what it does to flavors, how to tell which taste great, and I’ll provide some tips on how to roast coffee beans at home.

Step 3: Doing the Grind

A wooden coffee grinder vintage styleHow to use a coffee bean grinder for the best flavor, as well as how to choose a grinder, how to buy one and some advice on making the most of your grinder at home or the office, even. Manual or Electric? Blade or Burr? Don’t worry.

Step 4: Brewing Up A Storm

Small French Press: The Easiest Way to Make CoffeeThere are many ways you can brew a great cup EVERY DAY. This article describes two popular methods: the French Press, and the drip (or filter) machine. Both of these are simple ways to make delicious drinks.

Step 5: The Best Machines

Stylish Moka Pot Makes Great CoffeeOnce you are making progress, you can read about thebest makers on the market. Look at the five best machines available: How do you choose? What are the pitfalls? Which makes the best?

…then your morning or afternoon (or evening!) brew will taste great everyday.