Reader’s Questions: Coffee Cynic Turned Avid Coffee Drinker!

By | November 13, 2015

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Coffee Cynic Turned Avid Coffee Drinker!

by Jeremy
(Thornton, CO)

The Mug and Bag!

Well, I’m sure most of you can relate to this, but when I was younger (18ish??? I am 26 now), I HATED the taste of coffee.  When someone would offer me some, I would turn them down hatefully.  I couldn’t understand why anybody would like to ingest something so bitter and “burnt” tasting. I’ll admit now I was a 100% genuine coffee cynic.

Well, as I got older, I began to enjoy the smell of coffee.  I would see others in restaurants sitting with their hands wrapped tightly around their coffee mugs, talking, laughing, reading, etc., and it started to reshape the image that I had of all things coffee-related.

Then, I started to read articles in magazines about the “healthy” benefits of coffee in general.  That blew me away!  Here I thought that coffee was bad for you because of the caffeine and the “jitters” it sometimes induces!

So I gave coffee another try.  I would load it up with creamer and sugar and you know what?  It didn’t taste half bad!  It was almost like a dessert, and I could drink it anytime I wanted without fear of ridicule for “having sweets” to early in the morning.

I went from there to drinking it black, then trying several different coffee brands, ways of preparing coffee, and so on.  I am happy to announce today that I am an avid coffee drinker, and a believer in the way it makes a person feel, both physically and mentally.  I am always visited by pleasant feelings when I think of or drink coffee.  It goes great with almost anything, and the aromas are amazing.

Oh, and after all the brands I’ve tried, I settled on Eight O’clock Original Coffee.  It’s amazing!  I have yet to buy whole bean and try grinding it myself.  Maybe that will be my next coffee endeavor!  Thanks for reading!!!

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