Reader’s Questions: Are covers made for coffee bean grinders?

By | November 6, 2014


by Tim Heartt from New Zealand

I am looking for a cover for my coffee bean grinder? I formerly lived in the States and if you offer such an item, would have a friend purchase and send to me.

Thank you

Thanks, Tim, for your question. First of all, I’m sorry but we don’t sell any covers at all for coffee bean grinders, though you might find some coffee bean grinder parts by looking on Ebay or Amazon. Having bought several different kinds of coffee bean grinders from regular spice mills to ceramic burr grinders, I can tell you honestly that it would be impossible for you to find such a cover for your grinder, especially if the grinder didn’t come with one when you purchased it.

Also, from your query, I wasn’t sure whether you meant that the cover would be on the machine while in operation or whether it was aesthetic or protective reasons. I can only say that I hope you use the machine safely! For most coffee-related technology, there are few interchangeable parts except for the standard filter paper sizes. Even the plastic tray you put the filters in can vary from machine to machine.

The only real suggestion I can make is to look out for an old machine of the same model that has the part you need. If the old machine has stopped working, you may be able to cannablize the machine for parts for your own grinder. Otherwise, you will have to put up with the mess or buy a brand new machine. I can’t see any other affordable solutions, though 3D printer might allow you to design (or recreate) a part for your machine! Not an easy solution, if you don’t have CAD skills and a few months to devote!

Good luck, let me know in the comments if youi’ve ever had this problem. What happened? Share with us!