Coffee Treats: Apple Pie with Ice Cream

By | December 17, 2014

I found a rather simple recipe for the Apple Pie (eight ingredients), used a deep pan with a false bottom since I didn’t have a pie dish, and baked it carefully. Christine did the little leaves on top.

This is a coffee blog, so I don’t really do unrelated recipes except when paired with coffee. I hope you enjoy this one!

Making Apple Pie

Simple shortcrust pastry made with butter, flour, pinch of salt, and cold water (standard shortcrust recipe). I did chill the pastry for about 1 hour after making it. Not sure if that was a good idea as it became difficult to work with.

Apples were five green apples (more than recommended 600g) cored, peeled and stewed lightly (4 minutes) in golden brown sugar with extra raisins. I didn’t cut the apples evenly, but that meant that some were firmer than others, creating a variety of texture in the pie.

I created a thin base easily enough, but I had to build the pie up the sides from strips. It didn’t look elegant, but a little beaten egg brushed on helped the strips bond easily enough.

Layering on the lightly stewed apples (without liquid), cinnamon, then the top. I cut four holes, and Christine decorated with leaves. That resulted in this.

Golden Brown


Baked Deep Pan Apple Pie

Baked slowly over 40 minutes, until the top was golden in color. Served warm – we couldn’t wait) with ice cream. As it’s never too cold for ice cream, Muscovites would agree.



Served With Ice Cream

Christine would’ve liked more cinnamon than I added, but I think a dash of cinnamon was more than enough. We differed… but it didn’t stop her from clearing her plate!

apple pie served with ice-cream

Our little coffee treat: homemade apple pie with Rum & Raisin Ice Cream. Couldn’t decide what the best coffee to go with this would be. I drank espresso roast, made in a filter to cut through some of the sweetness.

Your suggestions for a coffee pairing? Brand? Blend? What would you drink with this?