Coffee Soda Pop: A weird way to drink coffee?

By | August 28, 2014

BonCafe Coffee Soda PopI was surprised as you to find this can of coffee soda pop in the supermarket! Take a look!

So I decided to try it. $1.20 to find out what it was like. Can you guess? It was like instant coffee (because of the coffee flavoring) mixed with soda. Not overly sweet like Coke, but not unpleasant either.  Refreshing, not. Especially on a winter’s day.

Apparently, it was introduced in 2011 to “give consumers a unique fizzy coffee experience” by Singapore-based BonCafe International (check out the other products they make, too).

I did wonder, too, whether the coffee was actually just a flavoring. I can’t imagine the company brewing shots of espresso and dumping it into a can! If you see it, give it a try! Put it on ice cubes, or add some other ingredients!

I found a similar product on Amazon that you might want to check out: Lester’s Coffee Soda. At $4.95 for a bottle, it might be a little pricey for an experiment… and the bottle doesn’t look as if it is carbonated.

Have you ever tried any kind of coffee flavor drink (that wasn’t actually coffee)?