Coffee Prices: Up & Down

By | September 4, 2014

Shocked by recent coffee prices you’re paying? Many of the larger coffee companies, like Smuckers & Maxwell House, seem to be cutting coffee prices these days as the prices have eased globally from the dramatic price rises in 2011, and predicted record harvests in Brazil.

recent coffee prices in the ICO

I haven’t seen cheaper prices in the stores yet, though. And currency fluctuations may mitigate or exacerbate the price you actually pay. The upside of stronger prices is that coffee farmers tend to be better paid, grow more coffee, and improve the quality of their products, too. From April 30th 2011 to May 25th 2012 prices on Brazilian Naturals dropped from $270s to $167 per 1lb.

The downside in the short term is that everyone pays much more for their coffee beans. Of course, Farmers who don’t work in a trade cooperative tend to never see that much money for their crops. Most of the increases goes to the middlemen (*ahem*) who, I guess, also face rising prices.

Gourmet coffee, single estate blends, and other specialty roasts may be priced with little relation to the ICO prices because of their premium of scarcity and high demand. Japanese, we know, are happy to pay $50 a 1/2lb for Jamaican High Mountain roasts; while larger suppliers tend to be priced towards the average.

Robusta prices tend to be flatter than arabica beans, with larger volumes being traded and finding their way into most household coffee jars and bags. Most robusta beans also tend to be less tasty in the cup, meaning that coffee drinkers aren’t willing to pay much for those sharper flavors.

Coffee Priced Over Last 3 Years

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So how do you feel about recent coffee prices? Do they bother you? Do you buy Fairtrade Coffee or not?