Gallery of Coffee Photos

By | September 16, 2014

You’ll find some of my coffee photos that I’ve created over the years. I enjoy drinking coffee, but taking coffee photos of beans is quite challenging! Don’t click on the photos here… sorry, there’s an unresolved glitch…!

What Other Coffee Photos Visitors Taken!

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Great Coffee Bean Close Up
This is fantastic, take a look! Taken by Craig at CraigFergusonImages.Com What did you use to get such a good close up?

Cold coffee for summer and hot coffee anytime!!!
I love coffee and have tried just about every brand that I have come across. I have to say, though, of all the fancy types out there Ronnoco is my favorite. …

My cup of Mexican Coffee today Not rated yet
I enjoyed this cup of coffee tonight! I promise myself that I will go back and try more!

Have you been taking your medicine? Not rated yet
Coffee from Edinburgh, UK. Just wished I had cleaned the fingerprints on the IPAD! Kenneth

Some of my coffee photos Not rated yet
Just wanted to share my photographs right here!

Coffee Mug Shot Not rated yet
This is my new coffee mug present! Nice, eh! Kenneth

Espresso Shot Not rated yet
Espresso Shot taken on a glass table. Not particularly sophisticated. Espresso v. nice!

Quotation with Photo: Coffee Spoons & TS Eliot Not rated yet
“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” from T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”. A poem that made an impression on my in my …

Cagliari Coffee Lineup: I tried them all! Not rated yet
I’ve tried these all, though I prefer the red pack (the Rosso?) and the Brown pack, the Machinato, is the most flavorsome. Can you do me a little favor? …

Coffee of the Day: Flat White Not rated yet
Just drank this in June in a coffee shop in the UK, the Flat White. A tad stronger than cappuccino, but tastier, with its own ‘art’!

Dutch Coffee: Makes a great breakfast Not rated yet
Wow! We were hungry so we devoured breakfast, and it was followed by a nice cup of coffee, complete with a cookie! Kenneth