Coffee Milk Tea: Hong Kong Special

By | April 16, 2015


Coffee Milk Tea Hong Kong style. I’d been aware of Hong Kong’s tea drinking style for a while: pulling tea through silk stockings, multiple times to create a smooth drinking confection. I’d never heard of Coffee Milk Tea, though.

My BIL informed me that this was a fitting way to drink coffee in Hong Kong, and that he’d tried it. So I gave it a shot!

The recipe calls for sweet condensed milk, 70% black tea, and 30% black coffee. These are combined in a secret method that varies from store to store, and their culinary secrets are closely guarded, and sought after by envious rival stores! In other words, you’ll never find out EXACTLY how it is made.

Is it a good drink, though? I quite liked it, it was quite sweet (common to all Hong Kong Milk Teas) but the sugar tasted very slightly caramelized. Not really tea, not really coffee! It was hard to tell, but I bet it would be good with a lot of ice!

Summer, here we come!