Top 12 Types of Coffee Makers

By | January 27, 2015

Which of these most popular types of coffee makers are right for your needs? This is a simple coffee machine comparison slideshow for selecting the coffee machine that fits your budget and your lifestyle … Just use the page guide to find the next type!

What are the different types of coffee making machines?

Let’s explore different types of coffee brewing machines, with a brief maker comparison.

You will find with links where you can easily read more about each specific type of coffee-making machine in greater detail.

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Automatic drip coffee machinesautomatic drip coffee makers come in great colors!

The most common type of machine for making coffee, for both home and commercial use, is the automatic drip coffee-maker.

Automatic Drip Coffee Machines are the most popular coffee makers

These drip machines begin the coffee brewing process by pumping the water through a heating element, and then slowly dripping the heated water over a basket of ground coffee.

There are many popular types of drip machines, ranging from under $30 to well over $100.

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