Let’s support coffee growing and coffee farmers

By | September 2, 2014

Let’s support coffee farmers by working with to provide micro-finance to coffee farmers and those involved in getting us our daily grind.

This loan pictured below is typical of a small coffee grower who needs a micro loan to buy new seedlings. Often it is difficult for small growers to access the necessary finance to expand or start their operations.

Coffee farmers are one example of this problem. But you’ll find others, too.

Kiva is a very interesting micro-lending site for the developing world, and provides loans and assistance to those who are coffee growing or develop their own business, but for whom traditional bank financing is out of reach for a variety of reasons.

I’ve supported Kiva in the past with loans to several entrepreneurs looking to finance their growing business, and I would like to encourage coffee drinkers to consider supporting entrepreneurs in the coffee market, either retail or agriculture, who are looking for financing.

Kiva, though, is running a limited promotion for new members that invites you to join up and make your first loans. This is a referral link, but I don’t get any bonus for this! And the number of trials is limited, too. So if you want to help coffee farmers, why not make a micro-loan?

Migna from Ayacucho, Peru

Our latest Kiva client is Migna from Peru. She needed a loan of about $400 which I helped fun to the modest amount of $25.00. I was the last lender so her loan became fully funded.

But her story attracted me because she’s planting and harvesting organic coffee beans.  Her work of coffee growing supplies us with the coffee we love!

They decided to focus on cultivating organic coffee because it commands a higher price, though the work of weeding, pruning, and fertilizing the trees requires much more work.

She plans to spend the loan on hiring additional workers to pick her crop and other tools necessary for a successful coffee farm. Wishing her all the best with this year’s coffee harvest. And hoping that her prices improve, too!

Her loan is fully funded now. But look out for other loans to farmers, if you too are interested in supporting the farmers who grow the coffee we love!

Other Opportunities

I’m still interested in supported other coffee business & startups, so I’ll be looking at other opportunities as well as Kiva. I’ll be looking on Fundable, Kickstarter, etc as well. So drop me a line if you have any good ideas for people PurelyCoffeeBeans can actively support.