Coffee Explosions #1: Have you ever had one?

By | November 9, 2015


Coffee Explosions #1 Grinding Coffee without putting in the coffee ground collecting box. Result: coffee everywhere. Well done! And thanks for the picture, Terry!

Coffee Explosions #2: I decided to make coffee for work as usual. My colleagues had just arrived, and they were desperate. I ground the beans, set up the coffee maker, put the jug in and added the coffee grounds. Turned it on and walked away. Five minutes later, I came back to check; and found there was no coffee in the jug. I’d forgotten to add water.

So I poured out some water, and added it to the coffee maker. Apparently I’d forgotten that cold water + hot hot water heater tube (inside the coffee maker) would make a pressurized jet of hot steam shoot out on the grounds. That day I covered half the kitchen in finely ground coffee powder! (sorry I wasn’t quick enough to get out my camera!)

Like I said before: there aren’t too many coffee mistakes that I haven’t made!

What coffee explosions have you had? Share!