Coffee Connections: Gourmet Coffee Gifts

By | December 16, 2015

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Gourmet Coffee Gifts

by Kinakoni

Gourmet coffee gifts can range from quite inexpensive to quite grandiose. If you are looking to give a simple and inexpensive gift, such as a gift for a coworker’s birthday, or a thank you to a next door neighbor, a great idea would be to give a gift card to the local gourmet shop in town.

When I am looking to give just a little something I will purchase a $10 gift card, place it in a cute coffee mug, and put a bow on it. It is simple and the perfect little something to give.

That Little Something Special

If you are thinking of giving something extra special, think about the possibility of a gourmet gift basket. The first step in starting to make an awesomely delicious basket, is of course to buy the basket!

Places like Hobby Lobby, Michael’s & Joanne Fabrics will often sell wicker baskets at half off prices. When they’re having a sale, I like to stock up on baskets. While I’m there I also make sure to purchase some cellophane to wrap the baskets with, and a pretty bow to place on top!

Making Baskets

After I purchase the baskets, then it is time for the really fun part, which is stuffing the baskets! I like to put an assortment of coffee-related goodies in the basket such as a 1 pound bag of coffee beans, coffee mugs (available at your local dollar store), coffee syrups, chocolates, chocolate covered espresso beans, and sometimes a $10 gift card to Starbucks or the local gourmet coffee shop.

The sky is the limit. I have seen great coffee baskets stuffed with inexpensive items like Hersey bars, small coffee creamers and even coffee purchased from the local grocery store. The most important part is to think about what you would like to receive, and then work on filling the gift with those items.

These gourmet coffee gifts are always a hit, and sure to please all the coffee-lovers in your life! If you are looking for a new idea for the next round of birthdays, Christmas, Valentines or Anniversary, think about a delicious gourmet basket for the sweetie in your life!

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