Blog Income Report & Traffic for October 2015

Introduction Welcome to October’s Report for 2015. Only 500 words now! It seems not a month goes by without some issue! This month I managed to erase the records of this blog’s earnings on Google Docs! So you’ll see a lot of blank spaces. What can I say but woops!? Blog Changes & Screw-ups Google Drive Yep. Google… Read More »

Coffee Explosions #1: Have you ever had one?

Coffee Explosions #1 Grinding Coffee without putting in the coffee ground collecting box. Result: coffee everywhere. Well done! And thanks for the picture, Terry! Coffee Explosions #2: I decided to make coffee for work as usual. My colleagues had just arrived, and they were desperate. I ground the beans, set up the coffee maker, put the jug in… Read More »

Sweetness and Berries: Cheesecake

Tiny bit of deliciousness: a baked cheesecake topped with some butter icing! Now what would you pair that with? It’s a rich baked cheesecake served with butter icing and some blackberry jam on top! No idea of the recipe, but it was tasty.