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This coffee beans blog is my personal account of my search for Purely Coffee Beans in unfamiliar stores, coffee shops and traditions! I will also share with you the latest coffee reviews, coffee photos, coffee stories, and coffee updates!

Appreciate the weather with a great cup of coffee, especially one with a bit of that summer intensity, like Java or Sumatra, perhaps!

To accommodate these different needs, I've placed three sections in this blog.

Section 1: Posts from Me including reviews, photos, stories that don't go anywhere else!

Section 2: Submit any Content Section that provides both a forum to interact for both you and me.

Section 3: Updates from the Rest of the Site!

Otherwise, why not discover some of the articles, newsletters, coffee beans blogs, and other information on PurelyCoffeeBeans. Just catch up on the 'What's New Tab'!

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I hope this will be one of the best coffee sites. I hope you will bookmark PurelyCoffeeBeans and visit this coffee blog often to read our coffee beans news, tips and reviews! So stick around, brew a cuppa, and settle back! Oh, and don't be a stranger around here!

Advertisement: HurricaneCoffee And Tea

Certified & Sustainable Coffees: Right for your Taste & your Wallet!

What makes up a perfect storm for coffee aficionados are great flavor, eco-friendliness, the chance to help disaster victims, and small farm sustainability. If all of those things appeal to you, click here for a great assortment of coffees (and teas!) that will satisfy your tastebuds on all fronts.

The Hurricane Coffee and Tea Company offer coffee blends that are 100% Rainforest Alliance (RA) Certified. The RA is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that helps farmers improve their profits and their crops. The farmers that participate must meet stringent standards that foster biodiversity and sustainability. A percentage of the purchase price of every pound of coffee you buy gets donated to a major disaster relief fund; those proceeds get distributed to people all over the world who need assistance after a natural disaster.

These great coffee beans are grown in Central and South America; areas of the world that are perfect for growing coffee beans due to the climate and the altitude. There is a blend available for every coffee connoisseur's taste.

It's easier to order; the hard part is deciding on the type of blend. Some blends are dark-roasted and full-bodied, others are lighter medium-roasts. There are also blends available that are are flavored with coconut and chocolate; others have hints of smokiness and toasted nuts.

No matter which blend you choose, you are assured of a rich and satisfying cup of coffee. Even the decaffeinated blend is eco-friendly; the caffeine is removed without the use of chemicals. Try a special Hurricane blend today; you'll not only get some great coffee, you'll help people in need. Just check out the shop at

Recent Bloggings

Last stories that have been published on this coffee beans blog...But first! A picture taken June 24, 2013~ the full moon! We didn't see it on the 23rd, too much cloud cover! But tonight was spectacular!

Full Moon Spectacle

Coffee Soda Pop: A weird way to drink coffee?

Just found a can of coffee soda pop in the supermarket, so I bought it to try... find out if it's worth it or not...!

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Coffee Soda Pop: A weird way to drink coffee?"

Showcasing the Milk Frother: A Great Way to Make Cappuccino

The milk frother is a humble and very affordable machine for making the frothy milk that you need for cappuccino or latte drinks.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Showcasing the Milk Frothers"

Coffee Biz: My Business Card

Finally designed and having printed my coffee biz business cards... don't you think it's about time? Take a look at the design... it might look v. familiar

Permalink -- click for full blog post "My New Business Cards"

Coffee Coupons News

We'll first of all look at the coffee coupons from a major US online retailer: (I do receive a small commission on all Amazon orders, if you click to Amazon from here.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Coffee Coupon News"

Some of my coffee photos

I just uploaded some of my coffee photos... Hope that readers will share theirs, too!

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Coffee Photos"

Let's Make Espresso & Save Money

Q: Are you specifically looking to make espresso drinks or buy an espresso machine? Needing to save a little money?

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Let's Make Espresso"

Whole Bean Coffee vs. Ground Coffee

What a difference a decent whole bean coffee can make when you are using the Aeropress coffee maker.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Whole Bean Coffee vs. Ground Coffee"

Coffee Prices

Prices threaten to rise and rise making even mundane coffee expensive. Are you worried?

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Coffee Prices"

Airline Coffee: Would (Could?) you drink it?

Airline coffee has some of the worst reputation in the world. Would you, heck, could you, stomach a cup of airplane coffee?

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Airline Coffee: Would (Could?) you drink it?" Let's support coffee growing and coffee farmers

Let's support coffee growing by working with Kiva to provide micro-finance to coffee farmers and those involved in getting us our daily grind.

Permalink -- click for full blog post " Let's support coffee growing and coffee farmers"

Traveling with my Aeropress

Only a little time to prepare, I packed the necessities of travel: the Aeropress Coffee Maker, minus a few tools, and my chosen coffee for the journey: Cagliari Gran Arabica Caffe.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Travelling with my Aeropress"

Are You Drinking Too Much Coffee

Are we drinking too much coffee? Have Some Coffee Fun - Find out the truth at the same time in this quick Q&A, guaranteed to be low in calories.

Permalink -- click for full blog post "Are we drinking too much coffee? Find out the truth..."

What Else's New?

In the meantime, find out what's been happening here on the site...

Disappointed by Kirkland Kcups

I have been buying Kirkland Coffee for some time now and have told my friends and family about your product. I recently purchased a Keurig and purchased

Continue reading "Disappointed by Kirkland Kcups"

Purely Coffee Beans, Coffee Brands, & Coffee Reviews

Purely coffee beans make wonderful gourmet coffee. Discover the coffee brands, coffee reviews, how to make coffee, and the best coffee recipes.

Continue reading "Purely Coffee Beans, Coffee Brands, & Coffee Reviews"

PCB Services: Building Your Site, Maintaining Your Site, Updating Your Site

Let me provide services for your website: Building Your Site, Maintaining Your Site, Updating Your Site

Continue reading "PCB Services: Building Your Site, Maintaining Your Site, Updating Your Site"

OutBrain Test Page

OutBrain Test Page

Continue reading "OutBrain Test Page"

Saeco Odea Giro Plus Fully Automatic Capuccino/Espresso Coffee Maker

I just bought a Saeco Odea Giro Plus fully automatic capuccino/expresso coffee machine. I would like to know if the Kirkland Signature Dark Roast espresso

Continue reading "Saeco Odea Giro Plus Fully Automatic Capuccino/Espresso Coffee Maker"

Is your coffee organic? and free of pesticides?

Is all of your coffee organically grown?

Continue reading "Is your coffee organic? and free of pesticides?"

Brazilian Coffee Mystery

I was given five 1 lb. packs of coffee from a Brazilian exchange student. It was a rich brown and was ground as fine as flour, best coffee I have ever

Continue reading "Brazilian Coffee Mystery"

Kenya Coffee: From A to Z and all the coffees in between

Kenya Coffee is often found in our coffees, but most people don't really know much about Kenyan Coffee, or indeed many African Coffee brands. This article explores great coffee from Africa.

Continue reading "Kenya Coffee: From A to Z and all the coffees in between"

Indian Coffee: Have you ever tasted Coffee from India?

Indian coffee has been grown and drunk there for hundreds of years. So the next time you are looking for a coffee, why not check out some of the coffee from india?

Continue reading "Indian Coffee: Have you ever tasted Coffee from India?"

Now Over to You

Sharing reviews, photographs, stories and much more from readers, coffee lovers, and myself! Feel free to share your coffee stories anytime!

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