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For the Love of Iced Coffee Ebook: Learn how to make great iced coffee

And finally, this is my new Iced Coffee Book for 2015. Interested in making iced coffee this summer? You will have to read this…   This ebook will teach you: how to make iced coffee; basic iced coffee recipes; includes some wonderful readers’ recipes that are a little more exotic; and find out what to buy, what to avoid,… Read More »

Last Sunday’s Baking Class: Scones

  We held the third baking get-together in our community: scones! It’s getting warm now, too warm in June to do baking without A/C. That’s a pity! But we made some delicious fruit scones for our coffee! There were only two problems: some bakers overworked their scone dough (Christine recommends ‘minimal’ kneading); and we never got to present… Read More »

LINE: I Love Coffee App

If you’ve ever fancied running a coffee shop, then LINE’s game “I love Coffee” could be for you! It’s a simple game that tasks you with learning how to run a coffee shop, make coffee, and serve customers! All in a handset. “LINE I Love Coffee”, a café owner experiencing game, is now available from LINE game! Be… Read More »