Espresso Macchiato: How to Make the Espresso Macchiato Come to Life

Find out how to make one of the best coffees in the world: the Espresso Macchiato. What is the Espresso Macchiato? How does it become so popular? Find out all this …

Gallery of Coffee Photos

You’ll find some of my coffee photos that I’ve created over the years. I enjoy drinking coffee, but taking coffee photos of beans is quite challenging!

Iced Coffee: It’s never too late to drink Iced Coffee, is it?

This coffee is my favorite Iced Coffee, a true artisan coffee, created by hand roasted coffee beans, dripped in a large slow coffee dripper over 8~12 hours. The results are then poured over crushed ice, served with liquid sugar and cream. Wonderful!

Espresso: Perfect for that brunch!

Small double espresso: very nice. Roaster unknown.  I will try to find out!

Ground Coffee vs Whole Bean Coffee

Wow! What a difference a decent bag of whole bean coffee can make when you are using the Aeropress coffee maker. I was using a bag of nondescript espresso beans, mostly to find out whether they could be made to drink better. They can’t. So today, after consuming half the bag, I relented and bought a bag –… Read More »