Coffee Coupons News

If you haven’t read my advice on finding coupons, please check the page. I’d love to update that page with coffee coupons news, but things change quickly, so I’ll try to provide Coupons information here that is up-to-date. We’ll first of all look at the Coupons from a major US online retailer: (I do receive a small… Read More »

Aeropress Coffee Maker: perfect traveling coffee companion

Since travelling with my Aeropress on multiple opportunities, I’ve found that it has quickly become my go-to coffee maker. The results far exceed even the best hotels’ coffee, and with a little preparation, plus a few simple tools, it really makes travel a whole lot more bearable. Often I packed the necessities of travel: the Aeropress Coffee Maker, a few… Read More »

Coffee Biz: My Business Card

Finally designed and having printed my coffee biz business cards… don’t you think it’s about time? Take a look at the design… it might look v. familiar! (Click to enlarge!) Hope you like the design! Feel free to share it with other coffee business entrepreneurs! I’m always interested in sharing with them. Kenneth

The Milk Frother: Effective Foam!

My friend brought me a little frother from New York as a present. It was a funny looking thing that was supposed to froth the milk. Except I never could get it to work properly. However, for Christmas 2012, I bought a friend the simple frother device as a companion for her coffee maker. I was blown away… Read More »

Coffee Soda Pop: A weird way to drink coffee?

I was surprised as you to find this in the supermarket! Take a look! So I decided to try it. $1.20 to find out what it was like. Can you guess? It was like instant coffee (because of the coffee flavoring) mixed with soda. Not overly sweet like Coke, but not unpleasant either.  Refreshing, not. Especially on a… Read More »

Full Moon Post + Picture

Last ten stories that have been published on this coffee beans blog…But first! A picture taken June 24, 2013~ the full moon! We didn’t see it on the 23rd, too much cloud cover! But tonight was spectacular! 6

Coffee Beans Blog from PurelyCoffeeBeans

This coffee beans blog is my personal account of my search for Purely Coffee Beans in unfamiliar stores, coffee shops and traditions! I will also share with you the latest coffee reviews, coffee photos, coffee stories, and coffee updates! Appreciate the weather with a great cup of coffee, especially one with a bit of that summer intensity, like… Read More »

PurelyCoffeeBeans Podcast #1 Making Espresso

Click the right-pointing arrow to listen to the podcast right now. It will take a few seconds to load, and requires Flash to work. You can also download the full podcast right here… (it’s about 6mb and should take no more than a few minutes on a standard broadband connection). If you like this podcast, why not share it… Read More »