Article: What Exactly Is Espresso?

For a little Sunday morning reading over your coffee, Food Republic’s George Embiricos takes a few minutes to show, describe and link to the definition of Espresso. If you’re interested in finding out, here’s Food Republic’s explanation… Check it out. I don’t think I could describe it better!

Coffee Milk Tea: Hong Kong Special

Coffee Milk Tea Hong Kong style. I’d been aware of Hong Kong’s tea drinking style for a while: pulling tea through silk stockings, multiple times to create a smooth drinking confection. I’d never heard of Coffee Milk Tea, though. My BIL informed me that this was a fitting way to drink coffee in Hong Kong, and that he’d… Read More »

Growing Coffee in Taiwan

Coffee growing in Taiwan is slowly increasing though total volumes are minuscule by comparison with formal coffee regions. Still, there is an upsurge in coffee growing here, and much of the mountain tea growing areas may be suitable to growing coffee, too! But overall coffee volumes are minuscule compared to even third tier coffee producing countries. And if… Read More »