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This page describes the more exotic, premium and flavored coffees that you can make at home!

Recipes: Making Carrot Cake

Ever since trying carrot cake at a local coffee shop in Tamsui, I’ve been on a quest to recreate it! My wife has a good handle on the frosting (‘icing’)… but I’ve been making the base with a recipe that I found at Inspired Taste. It’s a great recipe that creates a really moist texture. I’ve made at… Read More »

Winter: Time to Make Apple Pie

It’s been raining like nothing on earth here, so I turned my attention to making the annual Apple Pie. This year’s recipe is a tad different. I used a BBC recipe that used a sweet pastry, and I added raisins soaked in a little Beef Eater gin. And I also coated the inside of the base with egg… Read More »

Baking Tonight: What is that?

Finally got my act together tonight, and assembled everything to make this pie. It’s in the oven right now! I’m just hoping it turns out okay. The wife told me not to put too much sugar in it… of course, I listened to her (not!). I don’t do much baking, mostly because excessive baking is dangerous and a… Read More »