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Don’t know which coffee makers to trust? Looking for a new coffee maker because you want to make a better cup of coffee? Or did you, like me, just break your coffee machine? Perhaps you’re buying your first ever espresso machine? You really need reviews by real people!

Whatever your situation, you will need to get yourself upto date with the best coffee maker reviews, so that you can choose or upgrade to the latest coffee making trends, and get the most from your home coffee making experience.

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If you are fortunate enough to include a warm espresso in your daily life, you will find the latest advice from coffee experts on topics such as how to pull the perfect espresso to finding the best deal on espresso machines.

Single Cup Coffee Maker: The Solo Kaffe Maker

What a cute little fellow! This one is branded the Solo Kaffe! Not sure of pricing or availability (or even reliability) but can’t help thinking you could stow it in your desk easily! Wait, it’s on Amazon… and it’s the Korean version. The one pictured is the Japanese version. On Amazon, it’s listed as 220v (for Japan/Korea?); but… Read More »