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Don’t know which coffee makers to trust? Looking for a new coffee maker because you want to make a better cup of coffee? Or did you, like me, just break your coffee machine? Perhaps you’re buying your first ever espresso machine? You really need reviews by real people!

Whatever your situation, you will need to get yourself upto date with the best coffee maker reviews, so that you can choose or upgrade to the latest coffee making trends, and get the most from your home coffee making experience.

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  • Is a pricey coffee maker or espresso machine worth the extra price? (That is what many of our readers ask us). Begin with your coffee, and find out about coffee bean grinders here.
  • What is the difference between espresso machines and coffee makers?
  • What is the BEST of the single cup coffee makers?

If you are fortunate enough to include a warm espresso in your daily life, you will find the latest advice from coffee experts on topics such as how to pull the perfect espresso to finding the best deal on espresso machines.

Choosing an Espresso Coffee Maker

There are so many different models of espresso coffee maker on the market, from the simple single cup espresso makers to machines as sophisticated as the Elektra Espresso Machine. It can appear really confusing to know which particular brand and model will suit your particular home or kitchen. Let’s See a “Good” Espresso Maker! Essentially, though, a really… Read More »

Has it really got oomph? Will it make your coffee?

Kickstarter has allowed a lot of entrepreneurs to create their own products for their own particular industry, coffee notwithstanding. Here’s the latest effort: the Oomph. The simple device bears some similarity to the Aeropress, there is a plunger inside. In other respects, it resembles more an insulated cup. Indeed, it is insulated. However, the device is a filter… Read More »

Can Caffiano make your coffee even more portable?

I was in the local Sogo department store here in Taipei. There is a little shop that stocks interesting and unique products from Japan and other parts of East Asia called Hands Tailung. It’s the middle of Chinese New Year, and very busy, still I managed to find a great coffee product that is perfect for your picnic… Read More »