Cama Coffee Shops: Taipei

By | September 21, 2016

I’d visited the Cama Coffee shops on several occasions, though there isn’t one near my home (yet).


Cama Coffee is a chain of coffee bars located around Taiwan. With a focus on selling coffee beverages, they are quite unique amongst the bigger chains because they roast the coffee they use on site.

That’s right! It’s a coffee roaster as well as a coffee shop. Usually, the premises are small; most customers purchase their drinks to go. But inside you’ll find a decent coffee shop with many options for coffee & tea as well.

Cama Coffee has already made quite a name for itself both for its service & style and its award winning coffee. You can read more about Cama Coffee in this advertorial piece. Cama Coffee is in fact a chain of coffee shops, but with the tight control and management, it’s hard to believe that the standards are so precise.

These days, you can find the stores all over the western parts of Taiwan, but the easiest places to find one are in Taipei, and Taichung (so far).


Sample Coffee Drinks:


The sample was a standard cappuccino, ordered just last week. Delicious, strong with a real good foam, though the latte art was lost because of the plastic lid. I enjoyed the colors, and found that the color of the coffee seemed to resemble the Cama Coffee color scheme in general.

Service was fast, and polite, and overall, I’d be hard pressed to find as good a cappuccino in a better known coffee shop just five minutes walk from here. Delicious, local, affordable… what more do you need in Taipei? If you’re interested in reading a friend’s review, check this out: Cama 現烘咖啡專門店