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Is your coffee organic? and free of pesticides??
Is all of your coffee organically grown?

Sources for Grinding & Roasting Coffee Supplies?
I’m looking for an online coffee source that will grind coffee to specifications, as well as roast to order. The supplier I was working with has gone …

More Coffee Questions?
I have the Russell Hobbs Satin Take 2 Series with the double cup! But I would love to know … … why my coffee machine “Take 2 model #10881” keeps …

What does generic coffee mean??
What does ‘generic’ coffee mean?

The oil in the coffee is upsetting my stomach…is there a specific coffee with less oil?? Thank you?
It seems that after surgery the oil in the coffee is bothering my stomach…I do not want to give up coffee, is there a specific one that is less oily? …

Open a Starbucks Franchise in Pakistan??
I am a coffee lover, and have tried Starbucks in Dubai a million times….. Being a Pakistan National, I want to know, can a franchise be opened here? …

French Press and other methods without a paper filter?
Not so long ago, the Tuft’s University Health and Nutrition Newsletter published the results of a study that concluded there are carcinogens in coffee …

How many pounds of arabica coffee beans are harvested each year??
I know that peaberries account for approximately 5% of the total harvest, however, how much is the total harvest? To find out an exact number I would …

How do you remove baked on coffee from coffee maker hot plate??
How do you remove burned on coffee stains from a hot plate on a coffee maker?

Which do you prefer – natural or chemical decaffeinated coffee? Is there really a difference anyway??
Query: “I would like to know what process is used to decaffeinate the House Blend Kirkland Decaf beans. Water or chemical? Thank you” My Answer: …

Yuban Coffee Decaff Process: What do they use??
Do you know what process Kraft foods uses for their decaf Yuban coffee? Thanks. M.W.

Jacobs Karamel Cappuccino?
Can I use Jacobs Karamel Cappuccino with a coffee machine?

Tips on Making Coffee Today?Not rated yet
What is the coffee of Sumatra? What is the coffee process used to produce Sumatra coffee? Thanks

Saeco Odea Giro Plus Fully Automatic Capuccino/Espresso Coffee Maker 
I just bought a Saeco Odea Giro Plus fully automatic capuccino/expresso coffee machine . I would like to know if the Kirkland Signature Dark Roast …

Disappointed by Kirkland Kcups 
I have been buying Kirkland Coffee for some time now and have told my friends and family about your product. I recently purchased a Keurig and purchased …

Moisture in freshly roasted coffee beans 
Hi! I was wondering how much moisture the beans have after roasting and what is the ratio of moisture in the coffee beans due to relative humidity?

Which coffee beans are strongest? 
We are having a debate about coffee beans and how much caffeine in a cup of coffee. Can you tell me which coffee beans are strongest?

Airtight container – is it sufficient? 
If stored in an airtight container, how long will unground beans last before going stale? I know that some beans tend to stale more quickly, like JBM, …

How long can I store coffee beans? 
If stored in an airtight container, how long will unground beans last before going stale? I know that some beans tend to stale more quickly, like JBM, …

How long does caffeine stay in your system? 
My friends and I were are having a discussion on how long the effects of a cup of coffee lasts. I can’t find the information anywhere, can you post the …

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