Notice: LinkedIn – Emergency Notice

To all readers for whom it may concern. Up until yesterday, I had a LinkedIn account connected to this website, as a way to promote my site. However, the security of my account was compromised 24 hours ago, and I have not been able to regain control of the account. I contacted LinkedIn immediately on receiving the news… Read More »

The Secret to Great Coffee

  My latest coffee article has been published. If you’d like to find out the secrets to making your coffee great, check out the article on pg. 27 of the Community Center’s Centered Magazine. Enjoy! But don’t forget to make some great coffee!

Choosing an Espresso Coffee Maker

There are so many different models of espresso coffee maker on the market, from the simple single cup espresso makers to machines as sophisticated as the Elektra Espresso Machine. It can appear really confusing to know which particular brand and model will suit your particular home or kitchen. Let’s See a “Good” Espresso Maker! Essentially, though, a really… Read More »